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“Ms. Horton, when are we getting more books for our Little Free Library? I took them home last night and read to my family. They don’t know how to read.”

   –3rd Grade Student, Harvey Rice Elementary School


“The importance of children having books in the home cannot be overstated….We believe that the Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank can have a real impact on literacy rates by getting books into the home of children who desperately need them. We look forward to our continued partnership with the Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank, together engendering a next generation of lifelong learners.”

 Felton Thomas, Executive Director, Cleveland Public Library


“We applaud the energy and commitment that are driving the establishment of the Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank, and feel the concept has the very real potential to augment our community’s demonstrated commitment to ensuring that our young children – particularly those from lower-income families – have opportunities to learn and grow to their full potential.”

  –Rebekah Dorman, Director, Cuyahoga County Invest In Children


“I can't wait until we get the [Little Free] Library set up. I remember one of my favorite books to read were the Goosebumps books. Reading brought me joy when living in an apartment with just my mother and two sisters. I wasn't allowed outside too often. I'm glad we can help broaden the minds of children before they can grow up without a positive imagination. I hope they will be led to a better way of life through reading. Thank you very much.”

   –12th Grade Student, Lincoln High West


"I'm gonna read all of it (123 page “Goosebumps” book), and tomorrow I'm gonna bring it back. I think the little free library is awesome, everybody should love reading because it helps you learn."

   Johnnetta Cooper, 9 year old Miles Park student


“I have seen children that struggled in school embrace the [Little Free] Library and treasure the books they find, often bringing them back to me to show me sight words they recognize.  We have seen a measured improvement in literacy – both academically and emotionally - in the families here at PNC.”

   Susan Blasko, Program Facilitator, PNC Fairfax Connection


“They are free book exchanges that look like birdhouses. They are simple, affordable and contagious. Instantly I fell in love with the idea -- for its charm and the undeniable fact that it's working. …It's an engine of change -- this little library that could.”

–Margaret Bernstein, former Plain Dealer Columnist


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We've distributed more than 1,000,000 amazing children's books since March 1, 2016!


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To foster improved literacy and a love of reading by providing free books to children in need.

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