What Others Have To Say

“By putting books into the hands of our community’s children, the Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank has opened the door for them to learn, to imagine, and to begin creating their future. Their work has impacted not only the children but also helped deepen the bond between children and their parents, strengthening the family and creating an environment where they are learning together.”

Kathleen Hallisey
The Cleveland Foundation

“The importance of books in the home can’t be overstated. Books are at the heart of language acquisition for children, and language is a major, if not the major, factor in determining kindergarten-readiness and long-term school success.”

Felton Thomas
Executive Director, Cleveland Public Library

“The interaction of a parent sitting his/her child on their lap and reading a book is priceless.“

Barb Riley
MetroHealth WIC Administrator

“Independent reading has never been such an exciting time for my students. They can’t wait to finish a book so that they can move on to the next one that they wanted to read.”

Miss Monahan
7th grade teacher, Horizon Science Academy Denison School

“When are we getting more books Ms. Horton? I read them to my family. They don’t know how to read.”

Third-grade student, Harvey Rice School

“My children and I love reading together. It gets them interested in learning at an early age. They are well advanced when school starts and the bonding time during reading is an amazing experience.”

Ronika Hall
Parent & recipient of our books

Have our books helped a child in your life, or has an experience with the Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank moved you? Share your story with us!